Total Home Ventilation by Air King

For over 40 years, Air King has been offering high quality ventilation products designed to meet budgets and exceed expectations. With an increased awareness of Indoor Air Quality, Air King is here to help you set yourself apart from the competition with the right product at the right price for the job at hand.

Air King’s Total Home Ventilation is looking at the home as a whole and utilizing the right products working together to increase the indoor air quality of the home and provide a better living space for your clients.

Stand Out By Offering Better Indoor Air Quality

Almost everyone agrees that a properly ventilated home with a fresh air source is going to be a healthier living space. This is something that homeowners are becoming increasingly more aware of. Just saying that you are installing bath fans is not enough anymore. What if you could show your clients in an easy-to-follow way how you are providing better indoor air quality in a way no one else is? This is where we get into the Air King Total Home Ventilation system.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of if not the largest contributor to poor indoor air quality. Cooking is one of the worst things you can do inside a home. ASHRAE 62.2 standards call for a continuously operating exhaust fan located in a central location of the home. The temptation is to locate that fan in a bathroom – but is that a central location? If the kitchen is the largest source of contaminates, why not locate the continuous operation exhaust fan there? Now you can with the Air King ECQ or LEA series range hoods. Each provides a continuous operation speed at a barely audible sound level. When the cooktop is actively being used the hood can be set to low or high speeds.

Fresh Air

So, air is going out, what about air coming in? With homes getting tighter and tighter, controlling a flow of fresh air into the house to balance the exhausted air can be an issue. This is where the Air King QFAM or MQFAM series fresh air intake fans come into play. Each feature a controller that is programmable to set temperature and humidity limits. Locating the intake further away from the continuous operation fan will provide a wave of fresh air throughout the main living areas of the home.

Bathrooms and Laundry Room

Let's not forget about the exhaust fans. These are still very critical to the overall indoor air quality of the home. Each bathroom should have an exhaust fan installed to ensure moisture and odors are being taken out of the home. Air King has an extensive line of exhaust fans for all room sizes and functions. The BFQ series provides a perfect balance of affordability, efficiency, and performance. The AK series and E series also have models with features such as a humidity sensor for automated ventilation. While still on the subject of exhaust fans: are you providing ventilation in the laundry room? Buildup of cleaning chemicals, heat, and moisture need to be exhausted and this is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to ventilation.

Rethink Total Home Ventilation

Give us 5 minutes of your time to watch this video and we think it will completely change how you think about ventilating the homes you work in.

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