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Alert Labs: Remote A/C Monitoring

Improve A/C system installs, service calls and customer satisfaction with smart sensors and the AlertAQ™ platform.

Remote HVAC Monitoring + AlertAQ™

When a contractor installs a smart sensor in a client's home, that smart sensor device is set up to use cellular data to transmit information to the contractor. There are no extra wires, no worrying about WiFi connections, it is elegant and reliable.

Remote A/C Monitoring allows HVAC contractors to receive data and alerts remotely regarding A/C equipment issues or system performance on their phone or computer.

AlertAQ™ sends and receives accurate performance data and diagnostic intel. It transmits this information and acts as a data intelligence platform to display that information in an effective way.

Diagnose A/C problems anywhere with real-time and historical insights on your phone or laptop.

Virtual A/C Gauges

Auto-logging of A/C Diagnostics

A/C Float Switch, & Humidity Alerts

Portals for Homeowners and Contractors

Remotely Verify Installs and Repairs

There’s no need to do return visits to check up on new systems or repairs because A/C diagnostics can be viewed from anywhere at any time – even on the same day as the install or repair.

Troubleshoot Faster

Technicians can see the entire history of a unit’s performance before arriving onsite. Now contractors can fix problems more efficiently. A/C insights are shared between HVAC technicians allowing more senior techs to remotely assist junior techs with troubleshooting.

Be Smarter When Scheduling Service Calls

Contractors can prioritize repairs based on A/C diagnostics viewable on the AlertAQ™ platform. Smaller problems can be fixed before systems break down, eliminating the need for after-hours emergency repair calls.

Build Long-lasting Customer Relationships

Whenever your customers have a problem, you’ll receive a detailed alert allowing you to contact customers before they need to call you. Customers benefit from significant decreases in A/C down time, more efficient systems, and potential energy savings.