Fresh-Aire UV 2023 Spring SPIFF

Earn AMEX Gift Cards for each unit sold*

$50 For Each APCO-X Unit Sold (Minimum Of 3 Units To Qualify)

$25 For Each Standard APCO Series or Enhance-ION Unit Sold (Minimum Of 3 Units To Qualify)

$25 For Each Mini UV LED or PLP Unit Sold (No Minimum To Qualify)

Offer Valid Through May 31, 2023

*Valid through May 31, 2023. Open to contractors in the U.S. only. SPIFF applicable on all APCO-X, APCO-X MAG, APCO, MINI UV LED, ENHANCE-ION, and PLP models. SPIFF paid directly from Fresh-Aire UV within 90 days of the end of the program. SPIFF Submittal Form must be filled out completely and submitted no later than 05/31/2023. APCO-MAG Upgrade Kit (no UV lamp or ballast) excluded.

$50 For Each APCO-X Unit (Minimum of 3)

$25 For Each Standard APCO Series or Enhance-ION Unit Sold (Minimum of 3)

$25 For Each PLP Unit or Mini UV LED Sold (No Minimum)