Revolutionize HVAC SalesRevolutionize HVAC Sales

Revolutionize Your HVAC Sales with Advanced Proposal Software

In the dynamic world of HVAC contracting, efficiency isn’t just a luxury; it's a necessity. Every moment wasted on complicated sales processes, be it cumbersome paper proposals or inferior sales software, is a lost opportunity. That’s where OnCall Air, a unique HVAC sales software, steps in - offering a revolutionary solution tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by HVAC contractors. Let's delve into the challenges contractors face and how OnCall Air emerges as the ultimate solution, turning each problem into a seamless opportunity for growth.

Problem: Time-Consuming Quoting

Manual quoting takes hours, especially when dealing with complex jobs, causing delays and frustrating potential customers.


OnCall Air's DRAG-AND-DROP FUNCTIONALITY allows you to easily create digital quotes accessible on any device in as little as 2 minutes, saving you valuable time, increasing your productivity, and impressing clients with swift responses.

Problem: Limited Choices, Limited Sales

Limited quote options restrict customers' choices, reducing the likelihood of successful deals or bigger ticket sizes.


OnCall Air's MIX AND MATCH OPTIONS lets you present up to four options side-by-side on a single quote, making it easier for your customers to compare and choose, increasing your chances of closing the deal.

Mix and Match OptionsMix and Match Options

Problem: Inaccurate Pricing

Calculating the price for complex jobs can be challenging and prone to errors, impacting profits and customer trust.


OnCall Air has a POWERFUL PRICING ENGINE that auto-calculates the price for even the most complex jobs,  eliminating errors and boosting confidence in every quote. Plus, you can offer customers interactive discounts and rebates, tailoring your quotes to fit their budget.

Problem: Rigidity in Pricing Adjustments

Inflexibility in adjusting quote prices on-the-fly hampers negotiations and customer satisfaction.


OnCall Air offers QUOTE OVERRIDE, enabling real-time price adjustments on the final quote when necessary, giving you the flexibility to meet your customers' needs.

Recommend Add-On and UpgradesRecommend Add-On and Upgrades

Problem: Missed Upselling Opportunities

Inability to recommend additional products hampers upselling potential and revenue.


With OnCall Air contractors can easily RECOMMEND ADD-ONS AND UPGRADES such as IAQ products, warranty, or maintenance plans, making upselling seamless. Customers can click and add items, maximizing revenue opportunities with every quote.

Problem: Inaccurate Supplier Information

Keeping track of your supplier’s product costs and inventory availability can be a challenge.


OnCall Air offers SUPPLIER INTEGRATION from many of the country's leading distributors which lets you view your supplier’s real-time product costs and inventory availability as you build the quote, ensuring you always have the most current and accurate information.

Problem: Complicated Ordering Process

Ordering products after you win the job can be a complex and error-prone process.


OnCall Air simplifies how you order products with an ADD-TO-CART BUTTON, streamlining your workflow and preventing errors.

Problem: Limited Repair and Replacement Options

Offering repair options alongside replacement options on the same quote can be challenging.


OnCall Air allows you to offer REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT OPTIONS on the same quote, giving your customers more choices and flexibility.

Problem: Unprofessional Quote Presentation

Presenting your products in a professional and appealing way can be difficult.


OnCall Air allows you to showcase ENGAGING PRODUCT INFORMATION with the latest consumer-facing photos, videos, and brochures about your products. Plus it let's you show off your branding, services, and much more enhancing your quotes and building your brand and credibility.

Engaging Product InformationEngaging Product Information

Problem: Compliance Verification

Verifying that the systems on the quote are SEER2-approved can be time-consuming.


OnCall Air helps you verify the systems on the quote are SEER2-approved with INTEGRATED AHRI MATCH DATA, saving you time and ensuring your proposals are always compliant.

Integrated Consumer FinancingIntegrated Consumer Financing

Problem: Limited Financing Options

Offering financing options to your customers can be a complex process, especially when dealing with multiple lenders.


OnCall Air allows you to offer INTEGRATED FINANCING OPTIONS from any lender with monthly estimates, making it easier for your customers to afford your services and increasing your sales and ticket size.

Problem: Lack of Customer Engagement Insights

Lack of visibility into customer interactions makes understanding preferences difficult.


OnCall Air's QUOTE TRACKING provides detailed insights into customer interactions, allowing contractors to tailor quotes based on customer preferences and increase conversion rates.

Problem: Missed Follow-Up Opportunities

Manual follow-ups often fall through the cracks, leading to missed opportunities and reduced customer engagement.


The OnCall Air AUTOMATED FOLLOW-UPS feature ensures no lead goes cold. It automates follow-up emails and notifications, keeping communication active and engaging potential customers consistently. By nurturing leads effectively, HVAC contractors can significantly increase conversion rates, turning prospects into satisfied, long-term clients.

Problem: Lack of Expert Support

Getting expert assistance when you need it can be difficult.


OnCall Air provides access to a RESPONSIVE SUPPORT TEAM that speaks HVAC and knows OnCall Air inside-out, ensuring you always have expert assistance when you need it.

The consequences of sticking with these outdated methods can be severe. You're not only losing time that could be spent on actual work, but you're also losing potential sales. In a competitive market, the ability to provide detailed, professional proposals quickly and accurately can make or break your business.

OnCall Air Customer TestimonialOnCall Air Customer Testimonial

Seize the Future of HVAC Sales with OnCall Air

OnCall Air transforms HVAC sales from a maze of challenges into a seamless, growth-focused journey. With its innovative features, HVAC contractors can bid farewell to frustrations, boosting efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Schedule your personalized demo to learn about all the dozens of powerful features OnCall Air has to offer and watch your business soar. Your success story begins with a single click.