Preferred or Selected Store

When purchasing on our website, you must select the local branch where you will pick up your order, or that will deliver your order to you. Your Preferred Store is the one you regularly purchase from and visit. The Selected Store can be used when placing an online order and you need to purchase from a branch different from your default, or Preferred Store.

The Preferred or Selected Store will also be used to communicate inventory availability for a product you are viewing.

Choose Your Preferred Store:

  • Click the Preferred Store text at the top of the website. If you are on a mobile device, tap the Locator icon.
  • A window will open showing you the current Preferred Store, and, if applicable, any other stores near the current Selected Store.
  • If available, you can choose a Nearby Store, or click the Search For A Store button.
  • On our Store Finder page, add your location and choose a radius to search for a branch.
  • Our website will return a list of branches based on your location search. Choose the appropriate branch and click the Make Preferred Store button.
  • This branch is now set as your Preferred Store. Each time you place an order online your order will be routed to this particular branch.

Choose A Selected Store:

  • Follow the steps above to override your Preferred Store with a Selected Store.
  • The branch selected as a Selected Store will only be used for the current online session. When you Sign In to your online account on another visit, your Preferred Store will selected again.

The top of our website will show your current Preferred, or Selected, Store so you can always be assured you are placing your order at the appropriate branch.

You are being redirected to the AHRI Directory website. The AHRI reference number has been copied to your clipboard.

Paste the number into the search box and click Search to obtain the certificate.