Get Started with East Coast Metal Distributors OnlineGet Started with East Coast Metal Distributors Online

Get Started with East Coast Metal Distributors Online

Explore as a GuestExplore as a Guest

Explore as a Guest:

Explore a wealth of information without signing in:

  • Access product documentation
  • Perform AHRI lookups
  • View specific equipment parts lists
  • Browse product specifications
Create a Standard Online AccountCreate a Standard Online Account

Create a Standard Online Account:

Ready for more personalized services?

1. Visit the Sign In or Create an Account page on our website.

2. Enter your email address. If it's not recognized, you will be prompted to create your Standard Online account.

Create Standard Online Account FormCreate Standard Online Account Form

3. Fill out the registration form with your name and create a password.

4. Congratulations! You now have Standard Online access, which includes:

  • Real-time product availability
  • Multi-brand equipment warranty lookups
  • Order Template creation
  • Shopping Cart saving and sharing options
Upgrade to PRO Online AccountUpgrade to PRO Online Account

Existing Customers Should Upgrade to PRO Online Account:

To unlock our full suite of online services for existing customers of East Coast Metal Distributors, here's how you elevate from Standard to PRO:

1. Once logged into your Standard Online account, navigate to your Customer Portal to begin the upgrade process. Click the YES button to the question "Are You an Existing East Coast Metal Distributors Customer?"

Upgrade to PRO OnlineUpgrade to PRO Online

2. Enter your ECMD Account Number.  It is a 5 to 6-digital number that can be found on your invoice, sales order acknowledgement, or ticket. If you don't know it, please contact your local branch or salesperson.

Enter your account numberEnter your account number

3. Complete the verification process to securely link your PRO Online account to your East Coast Metal Distributors company account. We can either call, or text, the phone number we have on your company's account record a 6-digit verification code for you to enter.

Verify your accountVerify your account
Enter verification codeEnter verification code

4. Enjoy the benefits of PRO Online access, featuring:

  • Product pricing
  • Online ordering capabilities
  • Detailed invoice order history and open order status
  • Advanced account management features

Start your journey today to take full advantage of all the services East Coast Metal Distributors has to offer, from browsing as a Guest to enjoying the comprehensive control of a PRO Online account.

Still have questions?

Contact your local branch or salesperson to help with set up or to schedule a demo.