Order History

When you are signed in to your East Coast Metal Distributors online account, and have the appropriate account permissions, you can view all of your invoiced orders in the Order History section of your Customer Portal. This includes all invoiced orders on your account regardless of whether the order was placed on our website, in the branch, over the phone, etc.  Please note, that if you do not have the required permissions to view past invoice, you will see only the website orders you have placed.

Search for Specific Invoiced Orders

You can search for an invoiced order using any of the following information.

  • Sales Order Number (or your Ticket #)
  • Web Order Number
  • PO Number
  • Job Name
  • Specific Date Range

Invoiced Order Details

You will be able to view the complete details of an invoiced order.

  • Order Create Date
  • Order Invoice Date
  • Delivery Method
  • PO Number
  • Job Name
  • Branch Details
  • Items on the order with backorder details, if applicable
  • Equipment Serial Numbers

Key Features

  • Easily Reorder an Entire Order or Specific Products
  • Find Other Orders with same PO Number or Job Name
  • Print a Copy of an Order including Pricing (Invoice)
  • Print a Copy of an Order without Pricing (Pick Ticket)