Wingman Technical Services SupportWingman Technical Services Support

Wingman Technical Services Support

Wingman is your FREE support sidekick while you are in the field.  It provides a fast, easy way to submit a support request to our fantastic, best in the industry, Technical Services team. ANY technician can submit a support request using Wingman. Download our HVAC Pro+™ Mobile App today and give it a try!

Four Easy Steps WingmanFour Easy Steps Wingman
  • Tap Wingman Tech Support from our HVAC Pro+™ Mobile App homepage.

  • Sign Up, or Sign In, to your HVAC Pro+™ Mobile App account.
  • Tap on Request Technical Support.
  • Share serial, model number, and pictures with our Technical Services team. Have them prepped in detail before they contact you. They will contact you via the method of your choice (phone, text, email).