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Why IAQ?

  • Value Added Service: IAQ is a valuable service to not only your customer but your HVAC business. IAQ solutions can easily be incorporated into your jobs and services by educating yourself and the customer. Indoor air quality is a part of the complete home package.


  • Year-Round Need: As a contractor in the heating and cooling business, you are familiar with changes in demand as the seasons change. Having safe, comfortable air in the home or business is a year-round need. Whether you are dealing with allergies in the spring, or dry air in the winter, there will always be a place for IAQ.


  • Competitive Advantage: Offering IAQ as the total home package to your customers can help create an advantage against your competition. Training is the first step towards making educated decisions on solutions for your customer homes and/or businesses.

Causes of Poor IAQ

Woman blowing noseWoman blowing nose

Pollutant Sources

Indoor pollutants such as building materials, fireplaces, and gas stoves can all release pollutants continuously. Other sources like smoking, painting, and household cleaning products can cause poor IAQ intermittently.

Moisture Levels

Low or high levels of humidity can cause poor indoor air quality. These levels can be caused by water damage in the home, whether that is excess water in the crawl space or poor ventilation in the bathrooms. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can help maintain healthy moisture levels in the home.

Inadequate Ventilation

The Environmental Protection Agency says “If too little outdoor air enters indoors, pollutants can accumulate to levels that can post harmful and comfort problems.” Climate, allergens, and dust are all just a few things that can impact the quality of air in a home when there is poor ventilation.

Source: EPA.gov

Indoor Air Quality Solutions



Surface treatment of HVAC components to prevent mold and other biological containments.



Treatment of air moving thru the HVAC system, treating pollutants, allergens, and toxins.



Removing microbes & airborne particles in and throughout the home through filters or air cleaners.


Use of humidification to regulate the moisture to their recomended levels indoors and throughout the home.

Humidity ManagementHumidity Management


Use of dehumidification to regulate the moisture to their recomended levels indoors and throughout the home.

IAQ MonitoringIAQ Monitoring


Devices that analyze the health of the air in the home, providing real time monitoring and readings.

IAQ Education

The HVAC Contractors Guide to IAQ

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  • IAQ Selling Strategies 
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  • Identifying the right IAQ fit for your customers
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IAQ Training Calendar

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