For generations of contractors, Nashua Tape Products® has been the dependable, trusted choice for sealing and insulating heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems in residential and commercial construction.

 The power of Nashua tapes is in the unique combination of quality, value, and proven performance. Nashua’s selection of low VOC HVAC tapes gets the job done right the first time, every time.

Professional's Choice

For over 60 years contractors have trusted Nashua tapes for their toughest jobs. The Nashua brand is recognized for it's adhesion strength, quality, and consistency.

Made in the USA

For over 60 years in Franklin, KY, Nashua Tape has been making consistently high quality products.

Options For Any Job

Nashua Tape offers a full assortment of premium tapes for virtually any HVAC application.

Want to know more about Nashua’s tapes for Flexible Duct, Fiberglass Duct Board, and Rigid Metal Duct Installations? 

Check out our application guide and installation videos!

Flexible Duct


Rigid Duct

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  1. Product: 323820A
    MFG: 1275525
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  2. Product: 69440
    MFG: 1087630
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  3. Product: 69486
    MFG: 1086178
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  4. Product: 69469
    MFG: 1086168
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  5. Product: 69444
    MFG: 1087629
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  6. Product: 69441
    MFG: 1087631
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  7. Product: 69467
    MFG: 1086166
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  8. Product: 69497
    MFG: 1086160
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  9. Product: 69442
    MFG: 1087627
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  10. Product: 69464
    MFG: 1087653
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  11. Product: 69463
    MFG: 1087669
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  12. Product: 69430
    MFG: 1087646
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  13. Product: 69422
    MFG: 1086865
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  14. Product: 69496
    MFG: 1086938
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  15. Product: 69421
    MFG: 1086866
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  16. Product: 69494
    MFG: 1086936
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  17. Product: 69487
    MFG: 1086201
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  18. Product: 69495
    MFG: 1086937
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  19. Product: 69488
    MFG: 1086129
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